Digital Advertising Audit

Digital Advertising Audits

Digital advertising can be one of the most efficient media channels when done well, but one of the most inefficient when done badly. Throw in ad inflation, fraud, weak targeting, viewability question marks, tracking issues, attribution challenges, non optimal setups, poor conversion rates and a limited view on the impact of brand building activity, it’s no wonder the CEO & CFO is on your back. Some of the stats can make for scary reading

  • An estimated 70% of online adverts are never seen by humans (1).
  • On target %’s can be very low, targeting by gender alone can be as low as 42% accurate (2).
  • Google Ads CPC is up 12% YoY, Amazon 11%, and Meta CPM is up 39% (3).
  • E-Commerce CPA is up as much as 20% YoY (4).

But amongst all the wasted budget & huge ad fraud, some brands are making it work, with digital helping improve salience at scale with brand building activity, and driving profit & ROI through performance marketing spend. We help brands navigate the pitfalls of digital advertising, giving a honest appraisal of their set-up and activity. We’ll review your media plans & accounts, providing a plan for improving performance through an actionable roadmap with clear priorities.

Digital Advertising Audit
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  • Identifying your most inefficient digital advertising spend in order to cut
  • A review of your digital advertising performance and/or setup
  • Tracking & improving the impact of digital brand activity
  • Improving profitability and return on your digital media spend
  • An unbiased opinion on your strategy & activation
  • Auditing your paid search activity 

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