PPC Agency

PPC Agency

Paid Search still represents one of the best channels for harvesting demand and targeting buyer intent. But Google have changed the game with the move to automation and value based bidding, and your strategy & set up needs to follow suit. We help brands unlock the power of paid search by guiding them through the optimum strategy for their category & brand size. 

We help brands get the most out of their paid search through a methodological review of how and where your budget is being spent. We also provide a detailed strategy, roadmap and action list for how you can be more efficient, while increasing sales and decreasing CPA. Ultimately, we will help maximise profit derived from paid search investment and activity.

Performance Marketing Consultancy
Get in touch if you need help with…
  • An audit of your paid search account
  • Management & optimisation of paid search campaigns
  • Paid search strategy support including keyword funnels & ad copy themes
  • Advice on value based bidding and implementing offline conversions
  • Development of maximum profit curves 

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